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Eden Method

Eden Energy Medicine Level 2 Certification Training

Become a Powerful Healer in our
Acclaimed Level 2: Certification Training!

Eden Energy Medicine is one of the most powerful and effective health care alternatives in the world.

Your Level 1: Fundamentals gave you a great start…
Take Your Confidence and Skills to the Next Level!

If you’re like many Level 1: Fundamentals graduates, your confidence is growing and you are comfortable working on family and friends. You may have even started implementing Eden Energy Medicine into an existing practice of yours.

Level 1: Fundamentals opened the door of possibilities for you as a healer. Now you know that you can do it. You can bring healing to people.

  • What if you could take your skills to the next level and bring healing to even more people in need?

  • What if you could open a practice?
  • What if you could earn a living as an Eden Energy Medicine Certified Practitioner?

Imagine feeling confident enough to a run a great session for anyone who walks through your door!

You have the testing skills. The protocols. You’re in the flow. You trust your gut. And healing happens.

It’s all possible when you complete Level 2: Certification Training.

Our top-notch, highly revered Level 2: Certification Training builds upon your Level 1: Fundamentals training to give you everything you need to help any client.

In Level 2: Certification Training, you’ll have lots of supervised practice time in small breakout groups with a dedicated mentor, and you’ll learn how to run a great healing session from start to finish.


In Level 2: Certification Training, you will:

  • Master new protocols and gain confidence to assist with a wide variety of health issues.
  • Find out how to trust and follow your intuition so your sessions flow and you bring about amazing results for your clients.
  • Learn how to bring healing to people when they are potentially at their most vulnerable.
  • Get step-by-step instructions on how to open a thriving healing practice.
  • Deepen your energy-focused lifestyle so you keep yourself energized, vital, and healthy.
  • Join a phenomenal global community of like-minded, energy-aware people that speak your language and offer support and solutions to challenging health issues.

Level 2 Certification Training

Four 3-day intensives:

Chicago, IL

  • Class 5: Wednesday, June 3-6, 2020
  • Class 6: Wednesday, Aug 19-22, 2020
  • Class 7: Wednesday, Nov 11-14, 2020
  • Class 8: Wednesday, Jan 27-30, 2021

Note: After each class, there will be intensives taught by the faculty. Block your calendar for the 3 days following each class to experience senior faculty teach on extended topics.

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