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Benefits of Tellington TTouch®

Stress Reduction: Recognizing the signs of stress in an animal and helping to alleviate both the physical, emotional, and behavioral consequences of stress.

Building Confidence: Helps an animal cope with new environments, other animals and people in appropriate ways.  This particularly applies to animals that come out of shelter and rescue situations . . . developing appropriate social skills!

Enhancing the Human/Animal Relationship: Involves helping people to better understand animal body language and communication signals, the need for animals to feel safe, and the true meaning of respectful interaction/training.

Positive Solutions: TTouch offers a positive approach to solving common behavioral and health-related issues, including inappropriate aggression, car sickness, separation anxiety, excessive barking, chewing, jumping up and leash-pulling in dogs, resistance to grooming, nervousness, shyness, thunder phobia etc.

Contributes to General Well-Being: Use to assist in recovery from injury and illness and offers support of veterinary care.

Use in Shelter and Rescue Environments: Help fearful and anxious animals develop trust to allow handling and improve adoption rates.

Individual and Group Sessions available as well as custom classes to fit your client’s needs.

Available Classes:

  • Introduction to TTouch for Companion Animals
  • Introduction to TTouch and Essential Oils
  • Introduction to TTouch for You
  • Energy Medicine for Animals
  • Introduction to Essential Oils for you and your Animals Certified / Completed Training:
  • TTouch for Companion Animals – Peter & Mary Ann
  • Donna Eden Energy Medicine (EEM) – Mary Ann
  • Massage Therapy – Peter
  • Feldenkrais – Mary Ann
  • Pranic Healing – Mary Ann and Peter
  • Donna Eden Energy Medicine (EEM) – Peter
  • Clinical Aromatherapy CCA 301 and CCA 302 – Mary Ann and Peter

Training in process:

  • Donna Eden Energy Medicine (EEM) – Peter
  • Donna Eden Energy Medicine (EEM) Clinical Practicum – Mary Ann
  • Clinical Aromatherapy CCA 303 – Mary Ann and Peter
  • Connect 2 Pets Inc. / The Thyme is Now Mary Ann Wilkens and Peter Hays
  • Tribe 1819 – 21 W. Belmont Av Chicago, IL | 773-418-0023 |
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